Normally Breast Milk Fluid Has Come Out during Pregnancy

The baby is still in the womb, but Mother feels there is fluid coming out of the nipple. Is the liquid breast milk? If yes, is breast milk released during pregnancy a normal condition? Let's find out the explanation! Actually, milk that comes out during pregnancy is not unusual, really, Bun. Mother could have issued a colostrum or yellowish thick viscous fluid that comes out before breast milk. Colostrum can be produced since when it was still pregnant. There is nothing to worry about because this is a normal condition, although not all pregnant women experience it. Preparation of the Body Towards Breastfeeding The protein that forms breast milk has actually begun to be processed since the gestational age of 14 weeks. Breast milk that comes out before the baby is born indicates that the breast is ready to give milk. The release of breast milk or colostrum during pregnancy can occur from the age of 5-6 months of pregnancy or in the third trimester of pregnancy. Colostrum is a
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